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Tokyo – the capital of Japan and the epitome of the word “megacity.” Our travel guide to Tokyo will help you plan an unforgettable stay in the city. When ready …

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  1. Mile High TV 日本語 says:

    Actually, the first port to open two ships from abroad was Nagasaki in the 1500s back when Christianity was illegal and foreigners had to live on Dejima. Yokohama opened to ships in the 1880s.

  2. M says:

    I wonder why Japan population is so high. Since this is a modern and rich country it shouldn't be so crowded

  3. indian weeb desu says:

    i have only 3 places i want to visit outside of india and they are athenes, florence and kyoto i love japan and its tradition (i know its a video about tokyo) love from india

  4. とんがりぼうし says:

    Hi! I'm Japanese.
    well,I don't recommend live in Tokyo.
    because,Tokyo is there are too many people. also, Tokyo's land price is very expensive.
    (Tokyo's average land price is 1,039,873¥/㎡
    this is about 10,250$)
    so, If you live in Japan, I'll recommend live in Osaka or Nagoya.
    because, don't have to pay experiensive money. But please live in suburb.beacuse, both land price are so expensive.

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