Beograd (Serbia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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12 thoughts on “Beograd (Serbia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

  1. milutin mitrovic says:

    What I usually hate when someone make a video about Belgrade , they usually show old town , Knez Mihajlova street and Kalemegdan and that is it . Belgrade is a big city , has 2 million people , there are also Ada Ciganlija , New Belgrade with shopping malls and centers and Usce, Zemun and Zemun old town and Gardos tower. To be honest in New Belgrade there is not that much to see and visit , only Usce and that part . Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra is also a nice big long street boulevar with nice shops.

  2. Милутин Миљанић says:

    Literally more than half of this video is Kalemegdan fortress, like that's the only thing to see… A third more is surroundings of the fortress… Also, why no explanation? Really bad video on a beautiful city…

  3. TabanSRB says:

    It would help if you wrote what's what, so that visitors know. Beograd/Belgrade is not yet spoiled by mass tourism. What awaits visitors: lots of history, a mix of architecture, great nightlife, friendly people, coffee drinking culture that lasts for hours, a unique energy, spirit and atmosphere in its streets and among its people, and amazing prices for those coming from the West.

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