Austria (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

29.991 Hotels in Austria – Lowest Price Guarantee ▻ Travel video about destination Austria. Austria has much to offer: high mountains …

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  1. Robyn Chan says:

    When the narrator was talking about Saltzburg, he didn't say anything much or more about "The Sound of Music" which is supposed to be part of the history there. And that's what makes that city popular too. But he did mentioned the movie Cinderella so I give him props on that. Above all, this informative video is good and makes it more inviting to go there to visit Europe.

  2. Radovan Spasic says:

    Who gives the right to the Anglophone people to determine geographical borders of the Europe's areas? It is well known that British people including Americans, Canadians and other English speaking nations have very poor knowledge of the Europe's geography and history due to their isolation and ignorance. They constantly misuse geographical terms with political ones. During the Cold War, Americans and other Western ignorant "intellectuals" developed the terms: Western Europe, encompassing the Capitalist European states, and the term Eastern Europe encompassing the Communist countries, regardless of their geographic position. Following this political division they established a geographic divisions of Europe not paying attention to the geographic science. First of all, they do not know the basic geographic facts about Europe, including even the university professors.. Hungary is not an Eastern European country it is a Central European country including the whole Panonian plain. Central Europe encompasses the territories starting from the Alps, Sava and Danube rivers to the south all the way to the Baltic Sea to the north, starting from the West from the river of Rhine to the river of Dniester to the East…It means that the following countries geographically belong to the Central Europe: One third of Serbia, one Half of Croatia, half of Slovenia, whole Austria, whole Switzerland, whole Germany, Hungary, whole Czech Republic, whole Slovakia, whole Romania, whole Poland and almost hole Moldova. Eastern Europe geographically encompasses territories starting from the West from the river of Dniestar all the way to the Ural Mountains and Ural river to the East, Black See to the South, and Baltic Sea to the North it includes the following countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Quite often it could be heard from the ignorant Western intellectuals that Balkan peninsula belongs to the Eastern Europe as well as Hungary, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria…. which is completely wrong. Once for all time you should know that the three European peninsulas make up the southern Europe: Pyrenees (Portugal, Spain, Andora), Apennines (Italy, San Marino, Malta) and the Balkans (half of Slovenia, half of Croatia, the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2/3 of Serbia, the whole Montenegro, the whole Northern Macedonia and the whole Greece and the whole Bulgaria), all these countries belong to the SOUTHERN EUROPE. Every Western intellectual knows nothing about geographic borders of the Europe, this fact just shows the ignorance and the lack of knowledge of their educational systems which are devoted to the political interests of their countries not to the scientific ones. Also by mixing political and geographic terms, the Western intellectuals are actually creating the news history and new geography according to their own interests. I am sick of being called "Eastern European" by retarded intellectuals with lack of the basic geographic knowledge especially by those coming from Anglophone nations. The rivers, seas and mountains make the geographic borders not your political phrases and decisions, please remember this facts.

  3. VW Travel Videos says:

    Im from the Philippines and now residing in Vienna. Thank you to my husband. Austria is a beautiful country and the people are nice too. I took a short clip of the Schönbrunn Palace last month. Check em out. Sure you wont regret it.

  4. Dante Angulo says:

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  5. Dante Angulo says:

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  6. Antônio Silva says:

    Essa ÁUSTRIA nos surpreende a cada olhar…Tem cidades deslumbrantes.
    Quanta riqueza ,quanta história é levar no coração para sempre. Se o bom sonho tem lar, tenho certeza que reside neste lindo país e de lá nunca sairá. ..

  7. Rishikesh Roy says:

    One day I will must Visit Austria.
    I want to visit this place when I read about French Revolution in class 9 .
    I hope One day I will we here:-)
    love from India😘😘

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