Yellowstone – We spot the worlds most powerful geyser (rare sighting)

mixflip #yellowstone #fourwheelcampers In the summer of 2020 I took my family on a week long road trip in a Four Wheel Campers Hawk model mounted in a …

21 thoughts on “Yellowstone – We spot the worlds most powerful geyser (rare sighting)

  1. John Z says:

    You guys were so very fortunate to witness that rare gyser! One thing I experienced while watching Old Faithful is the power that we all know is lying just beneath our feet, waiting for that one moment when the most (we're told) POWERFUL volcano eruption will happen. I am from Washington state, I lived in the Tri Citys (240 miles to the east) on video the awesome power of Mt. St Helens as she blew literally 1300 feet from her top and mega millions of tons of earth and rock from her north face, we witnessed the plumes of ash clouds as they passed over our home on their way around the world and YOU and YOUR FAMILY were standing there – in total trust that Mother Earth is not yet ready to show her power again. Experiencing Yellowstone's beauty is an experience that all should have the chance to see because one day – no one other than GOD knows when – it will be gone.

  2. John Z says:

    When you witness the bison in Yellowstone and think they were almost completely destroyed, eliminated from our planet by our early frontiersmen only for their hide and tongue,, we are moved to tears. Thank GOD for ensuring our President Roosevelt had the foresight to HALT the senseless killing of these wonderful creatures. We are saddened at the impact killing those millions of animals led to the demise of "the People", the only true Native Americans.

  3. John Z says:

    Seeing that beautiful and majestic bull elk with his horns "in velvet" is a sight few get to see. Please explain to your children that "velvet" is alive, it feeds and protects the new antlers as they regrow giving the bull his means of fighting as he tries to build his own herd.

  4. John Z says:

    @5:22 hotdog JUMPS (actually it falls off when roaster was turned to the side) OFF the roaster! I guarantee there are thousands of us who have dropped our hotdog into a blaing campfire and within 30 seconds it was OUT of the blazing inferno,, wiped off and put back over those licking flames to finish cooking,, hey,, a little charcoal never hurt anyone,, it even adds a little campfire flavor, blended with mayo, mustard and sweet relish on a nice, soft bun is sooo good 🙂 As is anything cooked and consumed in a camping environment. GOD Bless and Protect America's National Parks, may they be forever seen, appreciated and loved by the peoples of all nations who have the experience of witnessing their beauty in person.

  5. John Z says:

    After seeing Yellowstone in person you, like all of we who have witnessed that magnificent park, are so appreciative of Teddy Roosevel't foresight in declaring it a National Park, preserving her beauty and making disrupting her wildlife, her possessions unlawful with VERY EXTREME penaltys if anyone does.

  6. mykalbee says:

    I hope you get to see some bears and maybe even some wolves. We had a large herd of bison walk right down the road next to the car so close you could literally reach out and touch them. We didn't touch them ofcourse but that's ok cuz I know a place here in Washington where you can feed bison and give them a scratch on the head. That geyser was magnificent. Bummer the lodge was closed, it's very cool on the inside. We stayed at the cabins behind the lodge but we ate most of our meals at the restaurant in the lodge.

  7. Anson says:

    I went to Yellowstone 5 times before and I love it! Thank you for your video which help me to enjoy the view while I'm stuck in Hong Kong lol

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