Buenos Aires: The Don'ts of Visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina

What tourists should do and not do when they visit Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you are heading to Argentina you are most likely visiting Buenos Aires, and there …

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  1. F4STF1V3 says:

    Argentinian here.

    It's not just a recommendation, do not wander at night at all, unless you are in known safe public place . Like a big avenue or rich neighborhoods.

    And don´t even go to some places even at plain daylight.

    Just ask a few locals and they will tell you what places to avoid or where you can walk at night.

    Aside that, Wolters nailed every other point as always.

    One more thing, if you are from Europe or North America ( except some cities in the US), what you consider dangerous in you country, it´s the normal here.

  2. ig ip says:

    Oh you have to come to esquel dude you will love it we have a natural park and some little museums so u will love

  3. Iñaki Nahuel Santos Angel says:

    You should be aware that when going La Boca is only the caminito, don't try "exploring" because the neighborhood it's actually not that safe (more if you look like tourist form USA or Europe). Always check where your going and the map, things chage really quick here… you don't want to end up on a "villa". Careful with the stores, they know or are almost sure your not coming back to claim if you get fooled.

  4. Paul Lewis says:

    Usually go to B.A. in March when then weather is mostly very nice. Amazing city quite unique with its combination of European and South American feel, no other in this part of the World is anything like it. (Rio de Janeiro used to be until they destroyed most of their heritage). Don’t understand the fascination with Recoleta Cemetery I found it depressing but the district of Recoleta is wonderful just to walk around (safe at night) admiring the architecture and trying some great restaurants. A visit to the Japanese Garden is a must, one of the best outsideJapan that I’ve ever seen. If you’re into the latest eating fad, vegan, then forget it, they don’t know what it is -lol.

  5. Manuel Rey says:

    Muy bueno!! acertastes todas! La verdad a esos dos niños se le veìa la cara de candados, que hora era?? Jajj me alegro que hayan disfrutado de este pais!

  6. Fer Pa says:

    Hi, glad you liked my city! You really nailed the do's and donts, I would add try not to be with your phone or cameras too distracted, specially in crowded places like city centre or parks, there are too many burglars out there. Cheers!

  7. Alex Machines says:

    Argentinian guy here. Google Maps is your friend, for both public transportation and for finding places of interest. Don't wander around after dark unless you know what you're doing. Be mindful of crowds and empty streets, and keep an eye on your stuff at all times. Also, don't be scared of being rude if a street vendor or beggar aproaches you. Just say "no" and ignore them, they'll leave you alone that way, otherwise they'll stick to you and some of them may be criminals and you don't want that.

  8. amiausUSA says:

    Buenos Aires had the best beef, when I visited Buenos Aires in September 2010. There was one restaurant within walking distance of the Recoleta Cemetery that had excellent beef steaks. Three other places that had great steaks in Buenos Aires, were Cabana Las Lilas on Avenida Alicia Moreau de Justo, La Estancia on 941 Lavalle where I had cow udder with my steak, and even Cafe Tortoni during a tango performance. The next best place for beef was Montevideo, Uruguay, where I visited between 11th and 13th September 2010.

  9. Xavier says:

    Absolutely nailed it regarding service (or lack of) ; although one would think that for a country with such a terrible economy, they'd be a bit friendly towards tourism. Doesn't really make one want to open the wallet.
    The same can be said of pride. You can have all the pride in the world, but pride doesn't feed a hungry belly.

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