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Wellington – Welcome to the southernmost capital city in the entire world. Trust us it’s well worth the trip! Check out the top spots in the city, here. When ready …

50 thoughts on “Wellington Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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    Lady Grünwald says:

    Nice ☺. We (my husband Lord Grünwald and I) have been talking about relocating to Wellington. It looks like an awesome city. Not too big, not too small.
    Do New Zealanders like Canadians?

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    Tara Oakes says:

    The 78th World Science Fiction Convention, ConZealand, or simply Worldcon as it’s better known by fans, will be in Wellington in 2020. We’re planning on being there, and this video really confirms some of the places we intend to visit.

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    Gerard Brien says:

    What a beautiful city, spent a few days here & loved it. Love everything about NZ. The culture & people are just the best in the world. Would love to visit NZ again someday.

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    tilawakoha lamiauy says:

    i love wellington so much. but with my a week visit with this place … i just honestly stayed at my room in a hotel where i stayed… i was so afraid they might find out that i am a gay 🙁 there were a lot of good looking guys there in wnz. i was just not comfortable to show my true identity they might kick me off from their country.

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