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Palm Springs has drawn Hollywood A-listers to its radiant heart for decades! See why as we explore this sun-baked paradise. Check out all the places we visited …

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  1. JohnB 00007 says:

    If you are in the Palm Springs area you may want to visit Cabazon about a 20 minute drive from Palm Springs. In addition to some giant dinosaurs right off the 10 freeway there is Morongo Casino very close by. Kids love those giant dinosaurs and it is free. Note that the dinosaurs are models, not real dinosaurs.

  2. DON MCKINNEY says:

    127. golf courses. in a forty mile stretch during the historic drought crisis using 150 olympic size pools of water each per year . Nestle CORPORATION bottles millions of gallons of mountain spring water a year here for 524 dollars a year , diverting the best drinking water from local use during the historic drought crisis .

  3. Allen Manor says:

    Great video. It's a great place to visit, but in the summer, the heat in Palm Springs almost defies description. It is withering and brutal and not for the faint of heart. You have been warned!

  4. Keith Langdon says:

    One of my most favorite places! Desert destinations like these and Las Vegas are disability friendly for people in wheelchairs. I would like to see Expedia make a video for great vacation spots for people who are disabled.

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