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Toronto – the largest city in Canada and a hub of trade and culture. Join us on our adventure through Toronto and add this destination to your travel inspiration …

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  1. Qwertz Slo says:

    pff, Canadian beauty can hide in front of Slovenia! Slovenia is the most beautiful and the best country on the planet, a true dreamland! Canada’s got nothing on us! NOTHING! Slovenia has everything and more, there is no land like Slovenia. So beautiful you can go blind the legend says! Even our air we breath is special!

  2. BloggerMusicMan says:

    I'm from the Golden Horseshoe and have lived in or around Toronto for the majority of my life.

    There's nothing else quite like it. It may not be as old, big, or as full of attractions as other cities, but the neighbourhoods, the mix of parks and urban life, the beaches, the Island, the music and the cultures offer a lot. You can have just about any kind of food you could want. There's always something going on, and the crime rate is also really low for a big city.

  3. Ji Zhuang says:

    Wow this was published in 2013 but it felt ancient… the skyline has completely changed. It looked so vacant before, the CN tower sticking out like a sore thumb, but now the tower is accompanied by a ton of waterfront condos. Good to see this city grow into a bustling metropolis and modern world class city despite everyone on social media constantly b**Tching about real estate prices.

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