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Myrtle Beach – This jewel in the string of seaside towns that make up the Grand Strand offers its own spin on South Carolina’s coastal charm. Join us as we …

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  1. Dilly Doo says:

    how bout just stay the fuck from where your at. quit coming to this god damn city just to tear it up. FUCK THE TOURISTS WE DO NOT NEED YOU.

  2. John Miller says:

    My grandson is restricted to a wheelchair. Are there handicap areas where we can get him to the ocean. Also are there any places to rent a large wheel wagon to make it easier to get about in the sand?

  3. Spyer productions says:

    I remember living here I saw a beaver or otter or some animal bathing in chip bags behind a Red Lobster and a Piggly Wiggly. I also remember a fat lady falling off a motorcycle, and skidding 50 feet forward on her butt, bouncing like a basketball.

  4. Tobi Ojo says:

    Myrtle beach is the perfect place to retire and enjoy your retirement down at the beach with your friends and family not worried about picking up the phone and having your boss tell you to come back to your job.

  5. No Dad Bods says:

    Come to Myrtle Beach where there’s homeless people everywhere, your car mostly likely will get broken into, its dirty, and heroin is out of control. This is the tru Myrtle Beach but since the area lives on tourism they don’t tell you all that. Last year over 800 doses of narcan were administered in our county, Horry county where Myrtle Beach is. This is the truth so come on down!!

  6. Oyster Stu says:

    I just moved here and I can't say I like it. In fact, it's miserable. Want to drive with old people who can't see, hear, or use a turn signal? Got you covered. Are you a fan of chain restaurants? You're in luck. Do you LOVE mini golf? We have a billion of them. Can't wait to visit Huntington Beach state park? Well get ready to pay to get in and then pay to see an historic home INSIDE THE PARK THAT ALREADY PAID TO COME INTO. No no, Myrtle Beach is not the jewel of the Grand Strand

  7. Catterbox109 PLAYZ says:

    Tips: I recommend renting a Condo rather than a Hotel. Sure, more expensive, but will be more comfortable. Also, I would say not to swim by any piers. Fishing rods and sharks are there.

  8. Joseph S says:

    Any video you watch of Myrtle Beach is cranking the saturation up a few notches. Come visit and you will see that the beach is surrounded by a desolit landscape filled with hopelessness and despair. I know you want to save a buck, but go vacation somewhere else.

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