Saudi Arabia: open for tourists | The Economist

Saudi Arabia is spending half-a-trillion dollars on coastal resorts and an entertainment complex to try and attract more tourists. It’s part of the crown prince’s plan …

23 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia: open for tourists | The Economist

  1. Jimmy Ibrahim says:

    Saudi Arabia is super rich country like UAE and two sacred religious site Medina and mecca halal businesses Saudi Arabia 2050 incomes of Saudi Arabia his trillions of dollars Euro and yen.

  2. Oneness MAGNIFICENT says:

    Gender Segregation? Please let's stop put such negative labels on other countries culture. We have to respect their spirituality even though they're different from ours and celebrate the diverse way of living. it's BASIC human right, afterall, People are free to practice what they believe spiritually.

    FYI As far as I know, The Saudis never do it to discriminate women, in fact they do it to Respect their women, they intend to keep their Women as safe and Noble as possible. Like QUEENS. Random men cannot see, touch and mingle with QUEENS. Don't consume the negative narration the western media's often offer.

    And I feel like It's one of the unique experiences global tourists would love to have when visiting the exotic destinations away from their home. To eat in a restaurant where they have special area for women & family? I'd love to try that! 🙂

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