Italy's Amalfi Coast

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | In this program, we explore Sorrento’s back streets, taste traditional Italian food, drive along the dramatic Amalfi Coast to …

46 thoughts on “Italy's Amalfi Coast

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    PT me says:

    We did a guided bus tour of Napoli last year, and I haven’t seen a more impossibly majestic view than the Amalfi coast. I dream of going back and spending at least a week there. Hopefully, this pandemic ends soon so people can travel again.

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    White Lion says:

    Amalfi coast, where my parents spent part of their honeymoon in 1969, the rest was traveling through western Europe and Greece with a brand new Volkswagen my father purchased in Germany while on his business trip just before they got married (in southern italy)

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    Hm Jeong says:

    We went to Sorento Nov 2011 during our Mediterranean Cruise w/Celibrity Equonox Cruise 10 days $3,865 for two air $1500 each stops at Rome, Sicily, Malta, Crete, Rhodes, Ephesus Athens, Naples, NY SF.

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    Ajay Kumar says:

    Hi Rick. Your videos are a delight to watch. You cover the most unusual destinations always. But would appreciate if in your commentary you mention about the best time to visit each place. Keep up your great work!

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    Fabio Segura says:

    Dont go there in the summer..,especially. stay out of travelling by bus.., these roads are so narrow and so full of traffick that many times the tours can be cancelled on the spot.,the views are interesting but the beaches are full of pebbles.,not good for swimming or laying down..-Also high prices and hard to walk around.,did not make my trip interesting.-.Im sorry.- Fabio.

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    james verweire says:

    One thing of note is all the homeless cats in the towns of Amalfi. I noticed 25-30 of them. The residents don’t care for them but we enjoyed petting them and they enjoyed us, tourists.

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