Budapest: The Best of Hungary

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | We soak in elegance at the thermal Széchenyi Baths, stomp and slap with traditional dancers at a folk concert, visit the …

33 thoughts on “Budapest: The Best of Hungary

  1. Robert California says:

    Emery Viscek and Velma Pollo came to america long ago from Hungary. They had a baby. My grandmother. That leaves me at a quarter Hungarian. Maybe I'll be welcome home someday.

  2. Troubled_Jester says:

    Do you realize the stupidness you say? Communism is not longed for. History needs to be taught more. Why are you pushing the supposed greatness of communism?

  3. Jonathan Kovacs says:

    My father would have loved it! Making money off the "old Communist stuff/ junk is so fitting in Hungary. My girlfriend asked was the "House of terror real?" I said yes it was she could hardly believe it.. She cried when she saw the monument to the lost (Jewish) and other victims of Nazi / Communist terror. She said "Now I understand something about you that I did not before now I know why you may forgive but you never forget".

  4. Alek Chin says:

    Awful place: tanks, victims – that all for blood maniacs, not for tourists that love Hungary. Political propaganda. USA interference in the internal affairs of Europe

  5. Ela Blue says:

    Thanks for this awesome guide! Waiting for the international lockdown to be over. Then I'm gonna travel to this beautiful city!

  6. FRAGIORGIO1 says:

    Rick, you devoted a lot of space to Communism but Nothing to the heroic Uprising of 1956 in which so many noble Hungarians resisted tanks and died for their country ! WHY ?

  7. Anacleto Cazar says:

    My favorite place is Bekeshaba Hungary since i saw it on free cctv and i 've
    watch it more often now i saw people on bike at lockdown here in our place it is Forbidden but Hungary is a great people a great place! Thanks You Tube! From Philippines w/ Love.

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