Boston Travel Guide

Our Boston travel guide! We braved a Boston February to explore this amazing east coast city and we had a fantastic time, what a city. Want to go to Boston too?

32 thoughts on “Boston Travel Guide

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  2. B Rock says:

    Don't tip on the tax. 10% for marginal service. 15% for good service. 20% for exceptional service. 0% for slow service and cold food.

  3. Gail LaMontagne says:

    I really enjoyed the presentation and your personality but I have one a suggestion: please enunciate very clearly the names of streets, restaurants, etc. I had difficulty understanding what you said because it is unfamiliar. ( It would be the same for you if I said, "You must see Multnomah Falls outside of Portland, if you didn't see it in writing) It would help to have any names you are using printed at the bottom of the screen. I did get a couple of the names, Trillium Brewery and the Liberty Hotel, but I missed others and I'd rather not have to listen several times to get the information.

  4. Fraggin' Aardvark says:

    'Put away the mobility scooter' is a pretty ableist thing to say. The whole point of mobility scooters is to aid people who can't walk far. 'Walkable' is relative.

  5. roltthehunter says:

    Man from what I am learning I moved from LA to Boston, and there is not a whole lot to do here, like legit the freedom trail is a major thing, I mean it's cool once but overall it's a bit boring, I was hoping for a bit more.

  6. Alex Paulino says:

    As a Bostonian this was the first video that drew me to your channel. I have to say I love your videos and think you guys deserve way more attention. It's so interesting to see local and distant cities from a tourist point of view. I've been a subscriber and avid consumer of new content ever since. Keep up the great work! You guys are awesome.

  7. Lee Roden says:

    Boston is the most European feeling city I've been to in the US (and that makes perfect sense for obvious reasons). Love it. If it wasn't so expensive maybe I'd want to live there too .

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