Zagreb Travel Guide

Our Zagreb Travel Guide! Join us as we explore this incredible Croatian city. We were fortunate to be in Zagreb during a time of celebration and community, and …

48 thoughts on “Zagreb Travel Guide

  1. Dora Egan says:

    I don't know if you understand the words from the song in the background, but it's not the best PR for a travel video. It's accurate, however not good for tourism 😂😂

  2. Marko Gveric says:

    You picked a great song! For those who don't understand Croatian, it is about poverty and corruption in Croatia. "We live from day to day, can we go lower, we don't live, we survive…" and so… 😀 Nice video!

  3. Pat TheHombre says:

    One of the best videos on Zagreb. You did a fine job in mentioning travel within the city, food, drink etc. Well done. Looking forward to going there in Sept. Thanks again !!

  4. Ermin says:

    Great video! Excellent presentation. Zagreb is beautiful. If I can only make a slight correction regarding Burek. In Croatia it is common to find cheese, potato and spinach version of this meal to be called Burek. That is not actually correct. Only meat version is called Burek. Cheese version is called Sirnica, potato version is called Krompiruša while spinach version is called Zeljanica. Visitors from Western countries might have easier time pronouncing Burek, which is fine. However, you need to be aware that if you visit Bosnia and ask for Burek, be expected to get only meat version of this dish.

  5. cgdmgl says:

    That woman kissing you and the other one with glasses at Bistro Amfora are the rudest, grumpiest people ever. They are playing just for the camera in this video. They never smile, never listen.They don't bring the menu or take the order before 20 minutes. You order a dish but they insist on another and don't explain why…I went there last october after watching this video. (Of course it is not your fault and this video is lovely and helpful.) Despite the terrible service fish was delicious, prices were good but i will never go there again.

  6. Axel Füllgraff says:

    He is Looking like Danny Dyer of Football Factory. I think of storytellers at London insurance buisinness called Lloyds. After 600 years of violence in Europe, Croatia wants Peace. I don´t care. croatia is a crime like big Gibraltar or Hongkong inside China. More british snootiness as i thought in Munich 1984.

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