Your Ultimate Guide to Backpacking Colombia 🎒🇨🇴Essential Travel Tips + Destinations

Welcome to your ultimate guide to backpacking Colombia. In this video, I share with you all my recommendations, hot spots and essential things to know before …

28 thoughts on “Your Ultimate Guide to Backpacking Colombia 🎒🇨🇴Essential Travel Tips + Destinations

  1. Madz Anderson says:

    I said this on every video but this series has been incredible! I never really considered Colombia because of the safety stigma but now I'm obsessed haha

  2. Emily Greene says:

    I found your channel about a week ago when I was just doing a light look into what it would be like to travel solo. I'd never had a heavy interest before, but seeing your videos has me convinced that I have to do it once it's a bit safer to travel. Love your channel and you seem so fun and genuine! Hope you're well!

  3. Sibel Kurum says:

    You are my new favourite YouTuber! I have been pondering over travelling solo after I leave uni next year but I’m so scared, you have made me 100% certain that I wanna do it! ❤️

  4. Dani says:

    I’m from Barranquilla and it’s not a big city, there aren’t many things to do, so you did well tho hahaha 😂
    By the way I fall in love with your channel. 💕🦋🙌

  5. Martina s says:

    Hey loved the video and the vlogs! I was wondering whether you are planning on also posting like a budget breakdown of the cost of the whole trip? I would love to see that

  6. ra f says:

    I just don't understand why someone with a large platform would choose not to mention the BLM movement or COVID. So infuriating.

  7. Himanshu Dutta says:

    This video was so detailed! Must've been months of research that you've given to us all fo free. Thank you so much Christianne, you have definitely Colombia on my list ♥

  8. Karlijn de Groot says:

    Love your vlogs!!!!! Just wondering about a thing. When traveling in Central America i also stayed in a few Selina Hostels and other big hostels with good recommendations. But what I heard is that these big corporations tend to be bad for the local businesses. Smaller local hostels tend to be overlooked and get less good ratings because they're simpel (but very good!). I also wonder if the working conditions are good and if when you volunteer that you don't take away job opportunities for locals.
    Would love to know more about this stuff. Hope you can make a video about it!
    Anybody know places I can find more information?

  9. Ilse Gubbels says:

    Loved the Colombia series! Spend 3,5 weeks there in January 2018 after sailing into Cartagena from Panama (strongly recommended!). A really nice day trip you can do from San Gil is the Camino Real between Barichara and Guane. Just take the bus to Barichara which doesn't take long and explore this picturesque little town (comparable to Villa de Leyva), take lunch and start the beautiful walk to the sleepy town of Guane. From there you can bus back to San Gil.


    Hey Christianne
    Thank you for your great guide and giving the world a real picture of Colombia.
    I also have some comments:
    – The best time traveling you mention is the common rule of thumb and nothing is wrong with that. Saying that, we have many different regions with different rain and dry season. Therefore one should check the destinations and then the season. Very important for rainforest and the llanos for example, dry and rain season have their unique up- or downsides.
    – Salento… I am really not a big fan of what happened there. I would rather suggest to backpackers to discover the region of Caldas, also in the coffee region and much less backpackerish and even more spectacular!
    – Uber is back
    – Going to San Gil, you should not have missed Barichara. It is probably the most beautiful historic town of Colombia and just 90 minutes from San Gil and in my opinion even more spectacular than Villa de Leyva.
    – Tayrona National Park is not private; it is public but also indigenous territory. There are 3 closing month a year now since this year. It is not under new ownership but under new administration.
    – Pavo Real in Palomino, best choice!
    – Hahaha breaking down cars… you get what you pay for 😉

    Great overall guide with good info, congrats. Hope you come back to Colombia soon, there is more to discover!

    Best wishes from Bogota


  11. Lauren Aida says:

    This is SO incredibly helpful! Loved following the series so much and this is such a wonderful info-packed video. I've worked in Ecuador for years but because of visa reasons haven't had many opportunities to explore the other countries nearby but I will definitely be referring to this when I finally make it to Colombia!

  12. Monica H says:

    Great Video !!!! Very extensive 🙂 If your planning a next holiday can i suggest the middle East (Kurdistan, Jordan…(Not many Youtube travellers go here so i would love to see u tap into this niche while it is so fascinating)!! Love ur vids xx

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