America's Oldest City | St Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine in Florida is the Oldest City in the USA. Founded by Spanish Conquistador Ponce de Leon on his search for the fountain of youth, Alex and Marko …

47 thoughts on “America's Oldest City | St Augustine, Florida

  1. julie says:

    i live in saint augustine and it is boring as hell like its not fun if you want something to consistently do but its alright for a one time trip

  2. Arch Yeomans says:

    Santa Elena was the original capital of La Florida. Unfortunately, it is just a bunch of remains on Perris Island in South Carolina built over the earlier French Huegenot fort known as Charles Fort. It too, like Charlestons is l loaded with pirate history with Port Royal Sound and Island mentioned in Captain Johnson's: 'A General History of Pyrates.'

  3. 97RAVINEAVE says:

    They said European at least a couple times . Other than that pick any town in Alaska after the Asians crossed the land bridge as the actual oldest .

  4. Galactic Life says:

    Who else lives in Florida . But is going on a school trip and is so exited that they are watching vids . To know more about the place


  5. Michael Flaherty says:

    My wife and I are from the UK, we were staying in the Orlando area in September 2018. We drove up to St Augustine and spent two nights there, we loved it, such a great and relaxing place. Also saw a magnificent Atlantic sunrise by a fire station on the coastal road. Loved it and will return.

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