You can't come to Tenerife – so I'll bring it to you.

A walk from Guaza mountain along the promenade to Playa de Los Cristianos with a few points of interest along the way…including the old house on the beach …

41 thoughts on “You can't come to Tenerife – so I'll bring it to you.

  1. Darren minister Atkins says:

    Due to fly out in August,to las Americas,love the place,.no it's not,you can fish where you want except close to sunbathers due to the diversity of species and that 90 odd percent of the fish have dome type of toxins some where somehow,I've seen fish blight through bear tins there about a mile odd out,its mad,crazy fugo.

  2. Thelma Westgarthe says:

    I did that walk many times and so enjoyed seeing it again. I especially enjoyed the cheese toastie breakfast, and fell up the step several times (no, not drunk, just careless!) before turning right to walk back through the town! Thanks for the memories, Simon! So enjoying your vlogs. When will you be walking up to Mount Teide? Just because the cable car isn't working is no excuse!

  3. yo soy says:

    coño habla en cristiano que estamos en los cristianos y se habla español, un respeto si se esta viviendo en un pais que no es el nuestro debemos hablar el idioma de donde residimos y si no solo mostrar el paisaje y con la boca callada si no vamos a poder hablar el español.

  4. John Wilmot says:

    Callao is the kind of egg shape stone you can find in some beaches, when the beach got these callaos instead of sand, we call them, in a generic way, "playa de callaos", this is "a callaos beach", I guess some of these beaches never got a proper name so its generic name became its proper one.

  5. Lee Gilmour says:

    The place where the squatters are must belong to someone, or a bank why not sell them of?, they can easily be turned into apartments with a sea view, and would really help transform the area

  6. Wardis says:

    The building on 17.30 mins is the one where the vagrant who decapitated a woman not far from here was living in 2010-12, walked past this area many many times over the years

  7. martin naylor says:

    Great vlog there and I love the history of Tenerife also, there was a lot of banana plantations and salt planes around the south, if you are also on Facebook check out "Old Tenerife sharing photos video and chat" I'm an admin on that group and there are lots of photos for you to look at and share.👍

  8. Paul says:

    That was really nice and as everyone else has said the old photos were great to see,nice one and all the best 👍👍

  9. stuart horwood says:

    From January til June 1980 my tent occupied almost the exact spot where you started filming. The Ferry Gomera was my 8.30 alarm clock every morning and I would take this walk into Las Americas to my job on the water jet skis near Sol Tenerife. There was a desert between Los Christians and Las Americas and I would stop off at Bar Reveron for a 60 pesata bottle of ice cold dorada on the way home. The pool at the beginning was my bath, usually jumping in from where you were filming. A banana plantation behind the beach (eat as many as you can before getting chased out) and life was good.

  10. Sir Barrington Womble MBE says:

    I first visited Tenerife in June 1987; I stayed in a hotel near the 'Peacock House''. It was rundown at that time. The story I heard was that it had once been owned by Omar Sharif, but he had lost it gambling in a Backgammon game!
    A few years ago there used to be a beer/cocktail shack (the 'Tarajales' ?) near it, built on wooden decking. But I think it was closed down for non tax payment reasons – the last time I saw it the police had put tapes around the property.
    Back in the late 80s there used to be a small defunct stone harbour by the house – I remember diving into the sea there.

  11. Eleanor Loves Los Cristianos says:

    Absolutely love this vlog! We always stay in a fantastic apartment in the Costamar which overlooks the harbour. We love the walk along the prom to Las Americas and back. Peacock House or Villa is amazing but mysterious. We should have been there for 3 weeks this month, but Covid 19 halted that. Will be back in 2021 though. Thanks for bringing Los Cristianos to us. It was so good to see how it looked back in the day. Great content.👏😎☀️🦚

  12. Brian Davies says:

    what a great vlog,so nice to see all the old photos. I so hope you do some more,have you got a link to the old pics. P's well done and thank you soo much

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