30 thoughts on “William Hanson’s Travel Etiquette Guide with Expedia

  1. K M says:

    Dear Mr. Hanson, your videos are most helpful. Thank you for all of the tips! I would like to add that with the rise of serious food sensitivities that travelers should be aware of the top allergens. Your snacks could mean life or death to your fellow travelers. Please snack safely- nut free is a good place to start. But please do some research! Also please refrain from fragrances. Many people are sensitive. Good hygiene and refreshment do not need to be attained at the peril of others. Safe and happy traveling to everyone year round! ♡

  2. Black Inside says:

    Still in love with good manners! Wish everyone would learn the basic rules to get on with eachother in all situations.
    Thanks for these videos! Ciao da Milano, Italy.

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