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The Whitsundays: An Australian island group nestled in the calm waters between the Great Barrier Reef and the Central Queensland Coast. Check out all the …

21 thoughts on “Whitsunday Islands Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. 簡進義 says:

    Oh so beautiful Whitsunday islands , blue sea white broadbeach and green mountain , as like live in the heaven , really make people want to go there

  2. aditya raje says:

    please make videos of india how about andamans in case you are not aware of this natural beauty or you are biased and racist or you dont want to show india to world it is really sad

  3. Måyuri The Wãnderer says:

    My prayers for all the aussies here…and for all those animals that died in a horrific way in the wild fire…May God gives strength to all the Aussies..and this beautiful country..Hope you will overcome this phase soon..🙏🖤♥️

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