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The 150th anniversary of Vienna’s majestic Ringstrasse is only one reason to visit a city where virtually any activity, from strolling through a museum to sipping …

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  1. Fishroads says:

    when visit Vienna, I don't want to eat Chinese food or drink international cocktails, but the tea shop and the Herb and honey store I would recommend

  2. Walter Duranty says:

    Ex-refugee helper: They demanded name-brand goods and a house in Vienna
    By Voice of Europe 10 May 2018

    The retired Austrian teacher Franz Schmalwieser wanted to do something good at the height of the refugee crisis in 2015. He was interviewed by Wochenblick about his work with refugees and he now sharply criticises the “asylum industry”.

    Schmalwieser took care of four asylum-seeker families at the mayor’s request. He was their coordinator, fundraiser, German teacher and he also gave cycling lessons to the families.

    His eyes were opened one day as the family was searching through free clothes they had received from the Austrian people. While they browsed through them, Schmalwieser heard often: “Franz, that’s nothing, let’s go shopping. It should be name-brand.”

    These sorts of situations changed a lot Schmalwieser said: Volunteers stayed away and finally the donations stopped. The people felt exploited.

    According to Schmalwieser asylum seekers knew beforehand exactly what they should receive: “He showed me what he ‘should have’ with us: as an adult with 2 children, it is 1,400 euros per month,” an asylum seeker told him.

    Others rejected houses because they demanded to live in Vienna: “Another family declined a nice house offered by Diakonie in St. Martin. She too wanted to go to Vienna. Another Syrian family wanted to optimise their situation. Although well integrated and encouraged, they moved to Vienna and left the helpers disappointed,” he says.

    Schmalwieser no longer takes part in the ‘refugee welcome committee’. He concludes that many leftist are “unrealistic” and they “do not understand what they are doing to the state”.

  3. Alex Stoklas says:

    Great video! I am from Vienna/Austria but moved to the USA 8 years ago. Always great to go home for a few weeks and enjoy the culture! To celebrate Vienna, I recently launched a small project, my first iPhone sticker app – I think you are going to like it – I spent quite some time on picking the key Viennese sights, people, foods and expressions – let me know what you think! http://bit.ly/iMessageViennaStickers

  4. Down the Wrabbit Hole Travel says:

    I am headed to Vienna in October, and could not be more excited. I have a travel channel, so expect to see a bunch of Vienna videos taking over then! It looks so beautiful! If anyone who lives there, or has been there, has tips, tricks, ideas, places to see off the beaten path, I will take any and all suggestions! 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  5. anna Tori says:

    I am from vienna, this video depicts many of the most expensive restaurants in Vienna. Personally this is not truly why Vienna is worth a visit. There is so much more. There are incredible restaurants and bars, cheap and good quality. Vienna is more than consuming overpriced goods.

  6. RTK KTV says:

    this is not Wien what you see in this Video, the best three places are in this video, but the truth is Contra. I am student here in Wien and i see in newspaper “wiena is the best city in the world to live there”, this is NOT TRUE. 👎🏻

  7. BP says:

    Vienna has so much history but this is focusing on the modern things only. I mean, some modern stuff isn't bad, but I want to see the culture that Austria has held for hundreds of years not what it's had for 20.

  8. jose ortiz says:

    If I were to visit Vienna, show me the Art Academy where Hitler failed his entrance examination [twice?], & where is the nearest Subway outlet [if any] to eat a good sub with pop!
    P.S.: Where was Dr Freud consulting office, too!

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