What to Do in Denver | 36 Hours: Video Travel Tips | The New York Times

The signs of Denver’s economic high times and progressiveness can be found in the city’s innovative art, nightlife, food and shopping scenes. Produced by: …

44 thoughts on “What to Do in Denver | 36 Hours: Video Travel Tips | The New York Times

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    Sckope B PHlawless says:

    I purposely watched this just to see if they would include my BLACK PEOPLE that's been out here for YEARS! Get our perspective of life here, but no they continue to put lipstick on pigs! Js 😉

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    Mazn Kuldinow says:

    Denver is awesome. What they're not telling you, and don't let it get out, is that in Denver, the people you run into are very friendly, and the only other city that friendly is Nashville, which doesn't have quite as much, but is pretty awesome.

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    Mimi Hdez says:

    I was just in Denver and I have to say it was a huge disappointment. The biggest highlight was the Zoo for me. Next, time I’ll be going to Colorado Springs. Seems more interesting if you want to venture.

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    m k says:

    Was a nice western town in the 80's. Now it's a mess. It was bound to happen.
    I came here in 88 for a hospital job that thought was a "military facility" called,
    Ft Collins. It was very small & majestic. It all has changed. "Some forever, not for better !"

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    C. Alexander says:

    "It's not overdeveloped"
    Tell that to all the Black people in Five Points who were priced out of the homes they lived in for generations to build the brewpub strip mall known to hipsters as RiNo…jfc you'd think not a single Black person lived in Denver from this video (I'm sure that's part of the appeal).

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    Cam says:

    You also cant visit Denver without seeing homeless people down a lot of streets, so yeah let's just ignore them and tAlK abOUt hOw gOOd the FOOd is.

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    Summer K says:

    I live in Denver and I’ve been everywhere here especially for dance competitions which are in Denver. This video represents the whole state of Colorado terribly. It brings out the hipster stereotype which Btw is not at all even close to accurate. We do so much more than drink beer and make music.

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