14 thoughts on “Walking In Helsinki And Answering Your Questions!

  1. Veanna's Hobby says:

    Hei, Aleksi!
    I wish i saw you last Sunday at Helsinki. I just arrived here in Helsinki, and my husband and i are watching your video Finnish language tutorials. We learned a lot from your video tutorials ( Finntastic school). We would love to meet you if you have some meet ups here in Helsinki. We hope to finally meet you. Kiitos!

  2. Christian Berbos says:

    Whoever asked about consignment shops: there are many in Helsinki! There is a chain called Uff and there are so many around the city. Also Relove and other cool luxury consignment shops near Eira!

  3. Mitcho Hristov says:

    Speaking of learning written or spoken Finnish, I can recommend Suomen Mestari. I'm currently learning with the first book and at the end it has 20 or so pages that 'translate' the written to the spoken language. The book itself is very well structured, I am able to go through it on my own with looking up some words of course. Even if you stop after the first book, you'll be okay to get by as it covers basic topics.

  4. Raj Gopinoth says:

    Yo Alex.. I am an American guitarist who enjoys playing heavy metal. Where in Helsinki do musicians post for collaborations? For example, here in Texas we post on craigslist musicians , bandmix, reddit and other places. I have known for over 10 years now that Finns KILL at metal.

  5. Lakshminarayana A says:

    Hey…Thank you very much for this video. this video made me to recollect my happy moments in Helsinki. Helsinki is a beautiful City which I love to live. a big thanks to you…

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