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  1. Sheikh Al Balad l شيخ البلد says:

    hello.. im doing a short film about Rome.. i wonder if its possible to give me a permit to use just some seconds of your footage in my video.. i would be so thankful if its possible and of course there will be credits for you in the movie and on youtube description and a link to your original video.

  2. Rodrigo SancheMou says:

    Hello, whats up?
    First of all…I need to tell you that I love your videos on Youtube. All the images are amazing, you really did a great job.
    I have a question…

    My name is Rodrigo Sanchemou, I'm brazilian/ Italian, and I just started with my Youtube channel a few months ago… I love to visit new places on the world and show the best part of my trips…

    So… I was in Roma a few months ago, Woow!! Amazing place and I really appreciated it!

    So… I would to ask you… I recorded some videos there at different places and now I'm editing my video for a next chapter for my Youtube channel.
    My question is…should be amazing if I can use some parts (drone parts) of your video too… if u want, sure! And I will put your channel on the credits, your name if you want…I will put all credit about (drone images) for you.

    I hope you like it, and let me know what do you think! I think it should be an amazing idea for you and me!

    ps: you can see some of my videos on my channel, I love edition and new themes!

    let me know! Thanks!

    Rodrigo Sanchemou

    Instagram @Sanchemou

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