Travel Madrid in a Minute – Aerial Drone Video | Expedia

Travel through the magic of Madrid in this cool drone video from Expedia. See the Spanish city from above, weave through its attractions and get a taste of what …

23 thoughts on “Travel Madrid in a Minute – Aerial Drone Video | Expedia

  1. Nike Laderas says:

    Hello sir! This is Nike Laderas from the Philippines, I am media practitioner in the Philippines (Asia), last August 23 – 26 we had time to visit Madrid and make film about the different restaurant in Spain, since drone shots are prohibited, we didn't have the chance to make it, can I ask your approval, if we can use your aerial shots in Madrid, we will just have video courtesy and acknowledgement to your video, you can also check our facebook page with 869,000 followers and youtube channel with 6.78 million subscribers

    here are the links:

    Thank you very much!

    If also possible, can I ask your email? we will send you formal letter regarding the concern but instead you can also have my email: and contact number +63 977 303 5580 Thank you!

  2. serfin01 says:

    Madrid and flamenco music?? Please, it’s enough. Madrid is not Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada, etc. MADRID IS NOT ANDALUSIA, MADRID IS CASTILE!!!

  3. Carpetano Knight says:

    El próximo vídeos que no sea con música flamenca gracias! A ver si nos enteramos ya de una vez que el flamenco es exclusivo de Andalucía, y no de toda España, y menos de Madrid. Madrid no es flamenco!

  4. fzig555 says:

    This terrible music absolutely doesnt fit the vibe of Madrid…. come on. Really not a good video for such a stunning place.

  5. Arturo Temboury says:

    Hola Expedia SEA,

    I would like to make a small consultation. I am making a short video on my journey from Spain and I would like to know if you could kindly let me use 8 seconds of your video to include it on mine, as a brief introduction. Of course, if you let me do that, I would add your name as the original autor of this images. Thanks for your cooperation 😀

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