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Stockholm – This city of islands welcomes you to enjoy its streets, sights and stories. Check out our footage of the waterside city and start planning a trip of your …

39 thoughts on “Stockholm Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Don Rae’s World says:

    love watching travelling videos. I started a page with short video phone clips of my travels. I respect the work you do so thank you for documenting the world!

  2. U-tube editoR says:

    [Lecce, ITALY – Vlore, ALBANIA]….wants a EuroStar undersea train…make it happen and "we" will give stockholm and turku a new high speed ferry…

  3. ZhangtheGreat says:

    To this day, Stockholm is the most beautiful city I've ever visited. Never mind all the sites; I could've spent four hours sitting by the waterfront doing nothing and it still would've been a phenomenal day. No other city, even those on water, can match that level of appeal. Jag kan inte vänta att åka tillbaka!

  4. Akira Thorson says:

    As usual a video about Sweden can't have a Muslim hate free comment section, can everyone just forget about the Muslims for now. Its like everyone hates on Sweden for the Muslims so they forget about the great stuff about this country. And Denmark and Norway think they are so much better than us just because of the immigrants. Don't forget who won, Denmark. JÄVLA DANSK JÄVLAR!

  5. Bin Bakar says:

    I hope expedia will make avideo from doha qatar
    Thanks for your videos
    Actually i like your videos they are interesting you deserve milliona of subscribtion

  6. Daniel Fu says:

    This country is my second home outside of China, which is so meaningful for me. My first apartment located in Gamla Stan, I still remembered my first Swedish winter there. How wonderful!

  7. Natiii K. says:

    I'm going next year maybe to sweden.And then I'll will going to ABBA the museum.I love ABBA and Agnetha Fältskog so so so much.😍😍😍😍

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