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St. Louis – The Gateway to the West. Welcome to the city that rivals its historical significance with impressive food, sports and music scenes. Don’t miss the best …

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  1. chancy319 says:

    0:44 Once again, perpetrating that bullshit eurocentric historical view even though natives have lived here for many years before Europeans even knew it existed.

  2. zimhatesbees says:

    Schlafly is St. Louis' largest craft brewery, but it's by no means "another of the cities oldest breweries" like Anheuser-Busch. Anheuser-Busch was founded in 1862. Schlafly was founded in 1991.

  3. Trevor Williams says:

    St. Louis is a wonderful city! It's a shame this wasn't recorded in the spring of 2020. So much is changing! Today for example marks the opening of The St. Louis Wheel, a 200 foot observation wheel at Union Station! Opening with the wheel are also a carousel, mini golf, and an old time soda fountain/restaurant! By the end of this year, there will also be an aquarium at Union Station as well!

    Spring of 2020 will also mark the opening of City Foundry, a shopping and entertainment district in our ever growing central corridor!

    $8 billion+ is being invested in to construction projects in St. Louis, putting the city through a renaissance we have never seen before. This city is definitely worth a visit, or maybe a permanent move too, as we are city attracting young professionals from all around the country for our low cost of living, amazing (and mostly free) amenities and our growing tech scene.

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