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Seoul – a city that harmonises its ancient palaces with soaring modern structures and stands proudly as South Korea’s capital. Explore the city sights, here.

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  1. Provinciala de Romania says:

    For over 15 years I have wanted to go to Japan and South Korea (especially Tokyo and Seoul).

    Providence made you visit both of them, and many other localities in each one in a late autumn, beautiful and warm. I can't say even now which I liked more, although they are incomparable.

    Coming from Europe, they impressed me strongly and pleasantly
    both the Japanese and the Koreans. They have in common perfect politeness, calm and a smile that is not lacking on any occasion.

    Because I could talk for a week without exhausting my impressions, I only say that my favorites are the children, especially the youngest ones. Beautiful, cheerful, calm, attentive to everything and you all see them lined up everywhere accompanied by their pedagogues and listening to the explanations perfectly good and attentive.

  2. jhrdcchtgvdskujhb says:

    I love South Korea been there before I miss it so much the food is so delicious and is such a kind place its paradise, someone gave me an umbrella when it was raining and was getting wet himself, honestly, I will never forget this place i wish to return! Stupid corona !

  3. George Kim says:

    한국의 서울을 사랑합니다. 전쟁의 아픔과 역경을 이겨내고 이렇게 발전했다는것이 믿기지가 않습니다. 정말 경이롭습니다. I Love Seoul, Korea.

  4. Diksha Pandey says:

    Korean dramas made me fall in love with korean culture. Are the korean guys really cute and caring like the oppas shown in korean dramas n movies? If so den korean women must be very lucky 🙂😊

  5. d.h l says:

    Amazing History of 5.000 years in korea
    고조선( Gojoseon) 부여( Advent of Buyeo)
    고구려( Goguryeo) 옥저( Okje) 동예( Dongye) 삼한( samhan.마한.진한.변한) balhae(발해)
    백제( Baekje) 신라( silla) 고려(Goryeo)
    history of glory
    Chonseon dynasty 500 years 조선왕조500
    Korean empire( 대한제국)

  6. 청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF says:

    This is an amazing place to visit as a tour.
    Seoul is the captial city of Korea and introduces all over the world.
    It is very bright and show more lights as well.
    Please visit us, because we are running our YouTube channel and it's about Korean team building activities or games.

  7. MATSUI AI[학생](대학원 관광학과) ‍ says:

    Hello everyone : )
    I’m studying abroad in Seoul and I'm currently doing my master dissertation about Hanok (traditional Korean house).I’m having difficulties because I cannot conduct face-to-face surveys for international tourists due to the COVID-19 :_ (
    I need a lot of help from people who have visited Seoul and Hanok(e.g. palaces, accommodations, restaurants, cafes, museums, art gallery, experience center, folk villages, etc.).I would really appreciate if you could fill in my questionnaire.If you have any questions about sightseeing in Seoul, please ask at the email address in my questionnaire.Thank you in advance : )
     [Survey in English]  

  8. Tsnl music says:

    even though i am korean, well, korea is really a good place and people in korea can sing all day long and drink all day lol korea has alot of traditional cultures and buildings come to korea after covid-19 by the way, subscribe TSNL TV pls!!!

  9. 딸기레모니 says:

    I'm here for online study, but I'm happy that many foreigners think of Seoul as a good place.
    Thank you for making this video and for coming to watch it.
    Please continue to love Seoul!♡♡
    (I can't speak English very well, right?lol)

    온라인 학습 때문에 왔는데 많은 외국인 분들이 서울을 좋게 생각하고 계셔서 뭔가 뿌듯하네욧ㅎㅎ
    이 영상을 만들어 주신분과 보러와 주신 분들께 감사합니다!
    앞으로도 서울 많이 사랑해 주세여~

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