See Why Sochi Is One of Russia's Best Vacation Spots | National Geographic

National Geographic reporter Sergey Gordeev takes a tourist-friendly look at Sochi, Russia’s top vacation spot and the only place in the country where you can …

40 thoughts on “See Why Sochi Is One of Russia's Best Vacation Spots | National Geographic

  1. the phoenix 315 says:

    Sochi looks impeccable. It looks more prosperous, prestigious and sophisticated more than most UK and US i.e. Pittsburgh, Baltimore, St Louis, Sheffield, Birmingham or Manchester!

  2. reln72 says:

    A beautiful city. Unfortunately, according to this clip there isnt much to do there. I think they could have spent another minute or two talking about the hikes, attractions, spots in the area. The video didnt do it justice.

  3. Alexander Alex says:

    Sochi was part of Kingdom of Georgia from 10th to 15th century until dissolution of united Georgia under George VIII. Sochi became part of Kingdom of Imereti within principality of Abkhazia from 1490 to 1810 until the invasion of Russian Empire in South Caucasus.

  4. spasev says:

    American and British media and their lies have done more damage to themselves than to Russia. Love for Russia from USA

  5. The Man says:

    Don't listen to the moron liberals.This is great place with great people.Felt more safe there than on streets of LA or new york or paris france.

  6. Ayush Shukla says:

    RUSSIA and INDIA are the only two places in the world with so much of geographical diversity within a single country . Where Mother India is alot more choatic due to its vast Social diversity , Mother Russia is monotonous .

  7. truthcrusades says:

    So many brainwashed idiots in the comment section. Even I, as an American, know Russia is a great nation with vast land, culture, diversity, and history. I would love to visit Sochi.

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