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Seattle – an evergreen city no stranger to fun and flair! Follow our trip through Seattle and get some tips and inspiration to plan your own! When ready, browse …

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  1. Ramon Christopher Aquino says:

    I live in Vancouver, and i can say we have much nicer people here. If you are a tourist and ask for drections our bus drivers answers politely & help as much as they can. Seattles bus drivers are somewhat rude not welcoming to visitors. On the other hand, its kinda hilly, u hve to walk yourself up to different avenues. Its a relaxed and touristy city. Must visit!

  2. Arusha Tanzania Times says:

    I'm going to Seattle in September for a week from the UK. Do Seattle women like British guys? Haha!

    Seattle looks amazing and I've wanted to visit there since as long as I can remember. It'll also be my first time in America.

    I'm sure I can manage to do the touristy bits on my own, but is there anyone out there willing to be a Tour Guide for a couple of days and show me around the "off the beaten track" places to hang out for good views, good food, good laughs and maybe a drink or two.


  3. MrArjay123 says:

    People think u gotta travel out of the states to see exoctic stuff. Not true. America has so beautiful scenery as well. I will travel the states first before traveling the world.

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