Scotland’s towns, villages, cities, iconic attractions and stunning landscapes are as varied and as diverse as they come, so no matter where you end up you’ll be …

34 thoughts on “Scotland.

  1. Charles Martel says:

    The ancient land of the Gaels and Picts, my country. We didn't surrender to the romans, we didn't surrender to the vikings, we didn't surrender to the English, we didn't surrender to the Dutch during the glorious revolt and we dint surrender to the germans, and we won't surrender to our culture being eroded.

  2. Jayson Taylor says:

    My family is from Scotland and I would love to go visit Scotland someday! Scotland looks so breathtaking in this video but seeing it in reality would be even more astonishing!

  3. Genius Zeal says:

    There is this one person that is deceitful. You need to ask God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to show you who this person is, what I am talking about, and what to do about it!

  4. stxrry skyz says:

    The music, the video UGH just makes you love Scotland all the much more! This whole video is right up my ally, I absolutely love the video…. i'm going to watch it 100000 times more!

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