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Salzburg – a fairy tale setting, surrounded by lakes and mountains, and straddling the banks of the Salzach River. Explore the top sights of the city here.

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  1. yakikadafi says:

    I was in Munich 2 years ago with an extra week, decided to catch the train to Salzburg for a day trip. Absolutely gorgeous city, walk by the river, climb the hill to see views of the whole city and see the gardens in the old palace and walk through the narrow alleys to Mozart's birthplace. It has a certain charm unmatched anywhere else in the world. My next plan is to visit in winter when it is snowing

  2. A.K Saxena says:

    After seeing the beautiful video on Salzburg I feel like missing the heaven on earth. I wonder why it has not received the public attention as Switzerland and other beautiful locations in Europe have grabbed.

  3. Stachelschwein I says:

    Fun fact: I’m from Salzburg and I’ve never watched Sound of Music and most of people I know haven’t as well. I just always see it in videos of English speaking Youtubers who are visiting Salzburg, but it’s actually not really a thing here

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