Rwanda’s Capital is Attracting Tourists

Rwanda’s capital is rapidly building a reputation as a tourist hot spot. With low crime, spotlessly clean streets and a friendly attitude, Kigali is pulling in travelers …

49 thoughts on “Rwanda’s Capital is Attracting Tourists

  1. Luiz Guilherme Neves França says:

    I am sorry to say that but i am really impressed with Rwanda nowadays. I feel very happy for ppl in Rwanda. I cannot imagine what you guys went throught but it was a huge step forward. I hope to visit someday

  2. Fun Kai says:

    Sounds like a one of those honeypots where you have classy foreign expats and then the locals staring trying to contain their jealousy, sounds a bit elitist to me. One trend I have noticed in the third world is lack of standardization and I can’t help wonder that there must be a lot of corruption and sins playing out among the streets.

  3. Manny Tomblesky says:

    Africans take note. This is nothing but a subtle commercial for westerners to come and invest in your city or in other words take it over financially. You better wisen up, go back home and take your rightful place before the west and chinese take over. Its already happened in Zambia, now the media is preparing Rwanda. Wake up Africans!

  4. Marko Biuk says:

    This video made me thinking about visiting Rwanda, I'm curious how you made it so far in 25y with infrastructure and solving problems with local people between each other. Much grettings from Croatia 😎.

  5. Wolfbit says:

    I hope that Rwanda can continue this upward trend! I was recently in Tanzania and would love to see them in the East African Federation!
    To future cooperation 🙂
    Greetings from Germany

  6. B Y M says:

    This is great to see. This is what ALL OF AFRICA has the potential of being and hopefully what it will become in the future.

  7. Mitch Mazamez19 says:

    The Congo is the one stealing minerals, according to the Angolan govt:
    Reuters Oct. 14, 2018

    Angola, the world's fifth largest diamond producer, has launched an operation in recent weeks to clear tens of thousands of people involved in digging for precious stones.

    Many of them are from neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, and hundreds of thousands of people have poured over the border back into the Congo, border guards there told Reuters.

    Angolan security forces stormed the town of Lucapa, according to 15 witnesses, killing dozens of people, burning down homes, looting property and forcing people to leave.

    "There was a lot of violence in Lucapa. The military was shooting at us while Tshowke were killing people with machetes. They jointly killed more than a dozen people," said Victor Tshambapoko, 28, who worked as a diamond digger in the region.

  8. k k says:

    Where did rwanda get money?from congo drc,killing millions of congolese people including women and children,stealing our minerals with the UN and american help and no one is taking about.Rwanda have nothing exept creating wars in CONGO.

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