40 thoughts on “Route 66: 20 Great Stops on the Road Trip

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    Emmanuel Orfao says:

    Hello there. Hope you are doing well. I have a question: is there an e-mail address I could use to get in touch with the person who made this video? I am an English teacher here in France and wanted to know if I could use one minute of your video for free on a TV show for the kids…

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    Kilroy Is Here says:

    Its Giant,..Its Humungous….Its One Mile High……Mile after mile of Signs on Route 66 starting in Texas and Arizona during the 60s…..When you finally reach the place ,you came around a corner and on a rise…An Indian Trading Post..aka Tourist Trap…. …Driven the road countless times with father ,visiting family inTexas,Louisiana and others… ..

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    Bob Adam says:

    Great video, I plan to go through many of them during this virus time. Wished I had seen them before I went last year but maybe this will encourage me to do it again?

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    Nouny Logic says:

    Hey guys. Thanks so much for your post. I've been to some of the places in your video but your video gives me goosebumps. I'm planning my next trip and will definitely add some of your favourite locations to my trip. Much love from a UK viewer. ♥️👍🇺🇸👋

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    cash storeone says:

    Route 66 is carved up and is no longer continuous. Parts of it are really good especially from Ash fork to Oatman. But don't think you will be on the old road the whole way like they did in the 40's.

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