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Usually you groan when you’ve booked a layover, but not this time! When it comes to having a long layover in Prague, Czech Republic, start celebrating, …

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  1. Lucas Kamdom says:

    Yes indeed, Prague is a beautiful city and I think everyone should visit it: but like in many European cities it is very likely to get scammed.
    Don’t exchange money on the street as they will give you old money that ain’t worth anything, when you exchange money at a proper exchanger(which you must do, or you are sure to get scammed) make sure to check what it’s worth as a lot of them say they don’t charge commission and then they charge up to 42%, please share this comment and the video I attached, so people will only see the good side of Prague and they won’t have to face this, I recommend watching Honest guide, as he will guide you to not fall in those traps. The scammers might sound very friendly, so you trust them but then they scam you. (here is the video, they all get caught, and if you ever see one, ask them to exchange a low quantity and then keep the change so you can call the police(and of course if it is real cash(make sure to check) you can exchange more money) and here is another video so you dont get scammed at exchangers, make sure to always check what it’s worth. Please follow me on Instagram at Trailyko2020, as it would mean a lot to me, there I have a blog that talks about scam in Europe

  2. adri odstrcilikova says:

    It's so weird watching this, because I live here and I already got used to it. I would love to see Prague from the eye of a tourist. Prague is beautiful, of course, but I don't appreciate it that much anymore.
    Oh and also, it's not like this everywhere, there are ugly parts of the city, where communistic architecture took it's place.

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