NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUIDE to Vancouver – Parks Edition

Vancouver Parks in order of appearance: Creekside Park – Vancouver, BC Terra Nova Adventure Park – Richmond, BC Larry Berg Flight Path Park – Richmond, …

21 thoughts on “NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUIDE to Vancouver – Parks Edition

  1. JBridges1092 says:

    Awesome tour, thanks! I do think, however, the only reason you got up at 5:30 a.m. was to have the whole of those parks to yourself so you could play on all the toys with no judgment. LOL Can't blame you, lots of fun!

  2. Adventure Chicken says:

    Man, you are awesome! Love your Vancouver videos. And I always want to play in the first two playgrounds too (and I am over 40s already) 🤣
    Well, you can’t blame people who have a kid at heart. 🤣

  3. Jean Hann says:

    Mike, please keep going.
    Vancouver is my home, I though I know this place pretty well, but, no,
    So, started working on my summer travel plan 🤣

  4. survived and thriving says:

    I'm really enjoying this series. Thank you!

    How about one on unusual restaurants? E.g. near to the Friendship Garden is the V Cafe a super-good vegan Vietnamese place (at Eighth St. and Carnovan St.) that even meat lovers enjoy. I'm not sure if it's open during covid-19 – I am not in New West anymore… But certainly other similar places are open and the small businesses could really use the support during these physical-distancing times.

  5. Andrew Neilson says:

    I remember that Beaver randomly showing up there years ago i think 2013-2014 and people rallied to not get it removed cause the city wanted too. Glad to see it still is there lol

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