Munich in 4K

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39 thoughts on “Munich in 4K

  1. Alessandro Benetti says:

    Nice city and all is functional and effective !

    I like a city that look like clean and in order!
    Any thing is functional, effective and cured!

    If you compare with Italy is like to pass from middle age (Italy) to modern age(Germany).

    My compliment to all inhabitants of this city to make a true city of 21 century!

  2. esc keenyah says:

    I am from Poland but I've been living in Munich for 7 years now. It's a great city to live, with beautiful architekture, great restaurants and friendly people (maybe except some some people from older generation 🙂).Mit freundlichen grussen!

  3. Locke says:

    I was born and raised in Munich. My parents migrated in the 70s from Turkey to Germany. I left Munich 6 years ago and never returned back.. And I most probably won't be able to. Munich is my hometown❤️

  4. chalelo55 says:

    Realmente es bonita la ciudad, tengo tantos recuerdos , he caminado visitando todos esos lugares , le tengo mucho cariño a esa ciudad .

  5. nocturne says:

    abi gelmeyin almanyaya ya ekmek alacak paramız yok böyle devleti skeyim ülkemi öslüyom vallahi nein anne pirzola iyi pişmemiş nein papa ben yosgata gitmek istemiyom

  6. E. Oez says:

    Im happy that they dont show so much people. Because, they are not known, for their hospitality. The City might be beautiful, a lot of the people dont

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