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Montreal – A stunning Canadian metropolis combining old-world architecture with modern dashes. Start planning a trip of your own after checking out the best …

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    Fatima JI says:

    I live in Sherbrooke 2 hours away from Montreal and visited just some of those places like one or two
    And I visit Montreal like 5 times a year and stay for like a week sometimes with my family in our families houses
    I just hate staying at home when I can explore t city
    I can’t drive I don’t have older siblings that can drive my parents are not into this things too
    I have to wait till my big bro gets his license 😭😭😭😭

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    Arish Zida says:

    Hi guys I'm kurdish from kurdistan 🇳🇪 I live in London I have a plan move to Canada 🇨🇦 Vancouver city anyone have information about live in Canada thanks?

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    Mralsfan 6 says:

    Montreal is beautiful. I've there and is a city of great architecture, charming parks, museums of every kind, great restaurants. and Mt. Royal Park with a breathtaking view of the city It's Canada's New York, or London or Paris.

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    Win Barber says:

    0:20 Actually, Montreal is no longer the worlds 2nd-largest French-speaking city. African cities such as Kinshasha, Abidjan, Dakar are more populous today- although some of their residents, it's true, speak African tribal languages.

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