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Montevideo – Uraguay’s capital welcomes visitors to its seaside city bounds. Explore Montevideo with us and start planning a trip here of your own. When ready …

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  1. Antonio Tiani says:

    L'Uruguay nella sud America, in particolare la provincia di Montivideo era eccellente luogo da visitare. Sulla riposata di spiaggia ed mangiato pesce e frutti di mare poi un nuotava nella oceano per e breve mentre. Stupenda paese. Antonio Tiani. Salute. Buon fortuna per gli futuri tuoi e vivere. Pacifico e piu relassiamente.

  2. Paul M says:

    Beautiful by a million folds though the narrator has too many mentions of Argentina! It stands tall on its own accord! Gracias!

  3. INFORMA Roberto PAGOLA says:

    que lindo que hubiera sido en el este buen informe, poner al URUGUAY en pantalla y no preferentemente su capital! Con un interior rico en playas , sierras, ganado y saltos de agua gigantes….con rincones que hicieron LA HISTORIA del hermoso país que tenemos!

  4. niall sheehan says:

    Do not use the currency exchange at MVD airport , I got a euro rate of just over 30 pesos/euro , over 40/1 was available down town . My advice is to change what you need for a taxi, if that , they will take dollars I’m sure as there are exchanges houses on most major streets .

  5. cecilia marquez says:

    24.09.19. Wonderfull video. Me gustó mucho la sencillez con que instruye sobre lo que está filmando, para facilitarnos el conocimiento de los lugares, emblemáticos de las ciudades principales de Uruguay. Muy recomendable que lo vean los que no conocen este país acogedor, y para los que nacimos en él y queremos renovar nuestros recuerdos. Gracias! Desde Caracas

  6. M H says:

    Soy de Buenos Aires y veo que Montevideo se parece mas a Buenos Aires que a Brasil 1. Por lo llano 2. Por el modo de hablar 3. Por la Carne 4. Por el Futbol 5.por similidud de Arquitectura Francesa española igual que en Buenos Aires y por lo Italoamericanos que somos ambos 6. Por el Idioma, 7. Por los Apellidos 8. Por tener el mismo río 9. Por las Personas 10. Por el Tango

  7. Mati Francini says:

    Uruguay is basically a large ‘neighborhood’ in South America, it’s not going to appeal to anyone who’s a tourist — that’s partly why I absolutely love it.

  8. Daniel Armua says:

    Wonderful video. I grew up in Toronto Canada but I'm from Maldonado, the city surrounding Punta del Este and have a beach front property in Punta. I wish the video would have focused a little more on the amenities offered by Punta, as the peninsula is entirely devoted to it's annual tourist base. Punta del Este is not cheap. It caters to a huge amount of South American celebrities and the jet-set elite but there are enough hotel and restaurant varieties as well as cost free activities to allow visitors of every pocket size to come and enjoy what Punta has to offer. Most of the people I know, who have traveled to Punta for the first time, say it's the most beautiful place they've ever gone to, with the most beautiful, sun tanned people.

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