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Mendoza – Welcome to the Land of Sun and Good Wine. Check out the coolest spots to explore in this Argentine city. When ready, browse vacation packages to …

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  1. Carsten Germer says:

    Mendoza is nice, very clean, one of the safest cities in Latin America, not much traffic, very green with several nice parcs, good restaurants….

    ….but also a bit boring! There is not much to see apart of the parcs. Within one hour you can explore the whole entire city. To stay 1 – 2 days in Mendoza is ok but not more….it's better to rent a car and visit the area. Lots of wine yards, the Lake Potrerillos, the hot sources of Cacheuta…..

    What is really amazing about Mendoza – it's called the "Capital of Wine" and you can find dozens of shops selling wine (Malbec) but in the city you see more people drinking beer! I found several bars in downtown Mendoza serving excellent local craft beer – but no wine!!

  2. SAZIZ MUSIC says:

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