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  1. ashley mcgarry says:

    uh wow you u used a drone uh wow uh great idea sure i love the sight seeing of spain malaga uh i would love to go sight seeing of spain you must take me through realty uh please smile thank you u my cousin used to be a traveling agent but retired i think i have a holiday home over there uh yes i do lets go lets roll

  2. Pinc M.M says:

    Lo de la normativa de AESA ya lo dejamos para otro día, total, que las cumplan otros no? Vaya tela. Por gente como ustedes está el sector roto. Video enviado y denunciado a AESA.

  3. Mario Blanco Vílchez says:

    Hello Expedia.com.au

    I am interested in using some parts of this video in a school project. I'm currently undergoing my 3rd year on the Degree in Tourism in the University of Málaga, and I have to do a small video about Málaga for my Marketing subject. In particular, I'm interested in some shots of the city's old town to develop a video promoting cultural tourism in the city.

    By no means am I pursuing any profit off of it, nor this is going to end up in the hands of anyone non-school related: the only purpouse of it is to pass (and get a good grade) the subject. You will always be credited in my work, and noted down in my thank-you note in the project.

    Please consider this request, it would make my whole year for this subject since drone shots are amazingly beautiful for promotion purpouses but out of my reach in terms of budget.

    Thank you for your attention. I look forward for your answer.

    Mario Blanco. Student @ the University of Málaga, Degree in Tourism.

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