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Liverpool – Get to know this English city where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea. Click play on this charming destination and start planning a trip of your own …

20 thoughts on “Liverpool Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. David Griffiths says:

    Liverpool gets better every year. With more redevelopment in the city, it is an ever changing place and for the better. This video is 5 years old. A lot of new buildings and architecture have been developed since then. Its definitely an up and coming city. It looks fantastic

  2. Stephen McNally says:

    Liverpool's "heyday" is in the past. There's some nice buildings in the centre; but, like most English cities (apart from London), it couldnt be considered a buzzing metropolis that is on the upwards curve.

  3. Scarbo says:

    What an impressive, uplifting description of Liverpool. It still has it's grimy veneer but a whole lot better when I moved away 40 years ago. Liverpool should be proud.

  4. tin soldier says:

    My cousin through out his life he spent his time with research, study. An absent minded genius. After long time I met him and he asked me where are you live in England. I said Liverpool. Then he said.. O Liverpool. A great football club out there. I was shocked cause I never thought in my life he ever seen any football match ever.

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