Lisbon Travel Guide

Our Lisbon travel guide! What a treat this city is. Lisbon, and indeed much of Portugal, is a traveller’s dream come true. Easy to navigate, effortlessly enjoyable, …

37 thoughts on “Lisbon Travel Guide

  1. Erica Tanner says:

    Love your 'just the facts' style, sprinkled with sly humor, and insider know how. Great blend. I want to put a plug in for another, completely different travel site – Coddiwompler. Only 6 videos so far, each one a 3 – 4 minute Gem.

  2. aton's adventures says:

    Been to Lisbon for a short stop over of 2 days and enjoyed it. I can see the resemblance of the design that is seen in Rio De Janeiro especially the tiles on the side wak

  3. Maxwell Wellmax says:

    I visited Lisboa in 2016 for a couple of days, boy I could have used your video back then lol. 1st thing I did was to take a Taxi lol, fortunately for me the Taxi Driver didnt take me all over the city to get to my Hotel, but yeah i missed out on Pastel De Nata and the Ginjinha. The Good news is that you're back, and looking slimmer, and I know more now and will go back to Lisboa! thanks!!.

  4. Nuno Carneiro says:

    One of the most accurate videos about lisbon, just three corrections, the parking scam isn't new, it is as old as old as i can remember, and the coffee and bear are half that price, unless you are a tourist 😉
    Congrats for the video and cheers from lisbon

  5. X. X. says:

    Great movie Attache! I went to Lisbon too lat march and not for the last time, it's really beautiful and fantastic city with good food and beer and port 😛

  6. Bobette McCann says:

    I've traveled extensively, and Lisbon was always low on my list. I didn't get the hype. But last year I found cheap airfare, so I went. Wow. I agree with everything you said – it's affordable, it's calm, the people are wonderful, nobody is rushing around, and the FOOD! I could live there as well 🙂

  7. Body Counter says:

    Amid all the chaos right now, the deaths, xenophobia and isolation, I do believe we can endure and recover from this outbreak. And seeing this hypes me up for my next trip.

    Had a Contiki and a few extra days in Scandinavia planned for June to July but obviously it was to be cancelled. Flights and tours will be SOOOO cheap when the lockdowns end and I'm trying to keep my hopes up.

    I hope everyone watching this vid and reading this is doing well and keeping safe and well.

  8. eu says:

    Most coffee is around 0,65 or 0,70€ (not talking about fancy places). And beer you can get it for 1€ (0,33cl) in Bairro Alto at night. 2€ is kinda expensive for that mini bottle.

  9. m g a says:

    You have a tendency to show graffitied walls and broken tiles, love it….but save your trip for the end of the lockdown! (Btw most taxi drivers are honest! Or they'll see their license revoked) Brasil to Angola….to India man! Current PM has some Indian blood. I would never recommend grilled chicken as typical…really?! Man, just go eat the original pastel de Belem…and always put the cinnamon yourself. Please do not refer to the Portuguese speaking countries as colonies, that's not nice towards the other countries, they've grown so much beyond that.

  10. Bobby Diamond Dazzler says:

    What a great episode again, 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾. I have been to Lisbon and it a great city. Didn't like the custard tart when I was there, but I had to try it as it apart of Lisbon. but then again I'm not a fan of custard hope you got to try the white port drink.

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