Latvia Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Latvia. Latvia is a small Baltic republic, a country with a strong national identity, situated within the centre of the Baltic States.

21 thoughts on “Latvia Vacation Travel Video Guide

  1. alex9920 says:

    This country is ugly, flat and boring. Starring at an empty desk for 2 hours is far more exciting than visiting Latvia. What a shithole.

  2. Jusaki says:

    Ok, sorry.
    But I hate how you pronounced 'Trīs Brāļi'
    You make the ī and ā longer and hold it for a second. Just look up how to pronounce it before you say it.

  3. SAugstroze says:

    Disappointed, that in the beautiful city of Liepaja with its lovely architecture and beaches, they chose to highlight Karosta prison and the crumbling fortress.

  4. Terry McGeary says:

    Looks like worthy of a visit some time soon! So many beautiful places in Europe to visit. I'll never manage them all so will need to choose carefully and get the best!

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