Kraków, Poland: Poland's Cultural Capital

More info about travel to Poland: Kraków emerged from WWII virtually unscathed. As a result, today the city is Poland’s …

22 thoughts on “Kraków, Poland: Poland's Cultural Capital

  1. Sebdave says:

    krakow in winter is totally different haha in summer seems like a beautiful cultural capital with a beautiful sunlights …I were in krakow in march and it was too cold but we didnt saw snow. I mean, the views were grey and we were 1 week in krakow and we had only 1 sunny day , well ''sunny day'' because at 5 pm there is no sun. But its an amazing place to visit . But i cant wait to go in summer because if i enjoyed the cold winter in krakow, after watch this video i cant wait to go back in june or in july.

  2. Saleena Yasmin says:

    I went to Poland this last time last year for a History trip. We went to Auschwitz and everything, it was amazing. The people are so nice, i really miss it.

  3. Jack J. Hutchens says:

    yeah, i love how she says that "all" of Poland was "Catholic and Polish," which kept Poland together. she completely ignores the fact that at the time Poland was less than 50% Polish. There were huge "minorities" of Belorussians, Russians, Ukrainians, Ruthenians. Not to mention the largest Population of Jews in the world at the time. it's just a complete willing blindness to the realities of history in the name of national(ist) pride.

  4. hsmjcl says:

    I've got four great polish friends. They are nice. That's why I want to visit Poland someday. They got me interested in their country

  5. DR Light says:

    Visited Krakow a few weeks ago. Lovely city. So much to see and do. Friendly people and good food at good prices. Also got to visit the Tatras. Would definitely go back.

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