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Jersey – Steeped in history and laced with cliffside walking trails, welcome to the largest of the Channel Islands. Don’t miss the top spots to check out in Jersey.

30 thoughts on “Jersey Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Uma Baatar says:

    I was approached by headhunter if i want to live and work in Jersey so looking at cost of living in Jersey seems quite high comparison to London. Rental is very expensive, to share property to buddy up which websites locals use?

  2. Paul Anderson says:

    My very first flight anywhere was to Jersey with my more experienced flyer girlfriend. I thought I was dreaming. Jersey seemed the most exotic and most beautiful place I had ever been to. If I couldn't go to Spain or France, would I go back again? Absolutely!

  3. Bill Rossi says:

    Good but the over loud music hurts the viewing experience. probably nothing to do with the area's music either. Also no indication as to how to get there.

  4. Hax & Majluf says:

    Amazing financial center, one of the most important on Europa. The crown must is proud of have one important destiny for alls us. Greetings from Chile.

  5. dedders29 says:

    Beautiful place. Nice in spring and summer than other times of year. Weather can be unpredictable. Good hotels and places to visit, but not cheap. Expensive place to visit and also to live.

  6. ali o'keeffe says:

    Lived here from '99 until 2011 and it is a truly amazing place. This video doesn't mention the great night life or the sporting facilities, Golf, tennis or any water sport you can think of

  7. Jennifer T says:

    Been here 16 times. I feel like I know it like the back of my hand. Sadly I’m living in Australia now so it’ll be a while until my next visit so I’m getting my fix here 😂

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