Iceland – The Land of Fire and Ice – In 4K

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32 thoughts on “Iceland – The Land of Fire and Ice – In 4K

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    Michael97 says:

    Yeah the videos nice and all, but it's yet another example of sheer ignorance and self importance thinking they are exempt from the rules because they have fancy equipment. Signs and ropes are all over Skogafoss restricting people like yourself from trespassing onto that ridge and damaging the green moss. And now you advertise that irresponsible behaviour to 6 million subscribers who will all want to do the same thing. THIS is why us Icelandic hate tourists!

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    alexis _ says:

    Have been on YouTube since it’s inception. Just now realised, we don’t have a cute ♥️ button or a cute ⭐️ button. This video deserves them both. Like /👍🏼 is not Love ♥️.

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