Glasgow attack: Knifeman 'stabs three people dead' before being shot by police | LBC

A police officer has been stabbed in an incident in Glasgow city centre in which police shot the suspect. Armed police have been seen storming into a the …

44 thoughts on “Glasgow attack: Knifeman 'stabs three people dead' before being shot by police | LBC

  1. Sm Bayan says:

    The boy was refugee for 3 months because of Corona. He was imprisoned 3 months in a hotel room where 100 asylum seekers do not enter the sun, and they do not know what happened to them suffering from organic and psychological diseases. What do you expect from him? (The pressure generates the explosion). 💔🤬

  2. No Name says:

    I wonder why the likes of Sky News and Guardian turn their comment section off. What? Not allowed to have an opinion on the matter?

  3. DIE HARD FAN says:

    Anyone who owns an scg licence who wants to arm me with a rifle and 6.5 Creedmoor rounds I shall open fire on BLM protesters no questions asked😊

  4. Z3Ntravel says:

    The way the media portrays terrorist attacks is laughable. Anyone of any faith and any colour who causes death is a terrorist! Anyone who thinks otherwise is brainwashed and lacks any sense!

  5. Rigor Pérez says:

    I'd create a new law. For each local citizen killed by an immigrant one minister has to have one of his fingers cut.
    Today we would see how the interior affairs top guy gets two or three fingers cut.
    Things would improve immediately

  6. alexpoobum says:

    Sleep white people, don't wake up. Peaceful protester shares culture. Pray for asylum seekers, don't riot and get angry, sleep sleep.

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