Fuerteventura Update – Vlog May and June 2020

Fuerteventura Update – Vlog May and June 2020 I thought I would do a quick update about the situation in Fuerteventura regarding lockdown, the coronavirus, …

39 thoughts on “Fuerteventura Update – Vlog May and June 2020

  1. Sophie Grimshaw says:

    Aww nice so see a other video , so can't wait to come out there , my boys luv the little hedgehog , will keep looking out for ya next videos , looks alot nicer over there it's raining and cold here in Yorkshire

  2. C S says:

    Hello JP. Will you be doing any more videos on the south of the island? And have you ever heard of or seen the American Star?

  3. Mick Mulvaney says:

    The British media will be reporting the upsurge in the corvid cases after the 4 July, then they can skew it so as to suggest it was because of the Brits arriving

  4. Dawn Behroozi says:

    Hi JP, enjoy watching your videos and discovered the other day you hail from the same hometown as me, Good ‘ ole Hayes! I was at Townfield school. I’m hoping to come to the island in October to see some properties.

  5. Leslie Pounder says:

    Great video jp lovely hedgehog don’t know if you’ve heard but Leicester is the first town in the UK that has been put back in lockdown for another 2 week’s they’ve had a spike in Covid-19, think it’ll get worse when the pubs reopen on the 4th July all the idiots rushing for a pint , anyway take care jp and family and keep up the great work you do in vlogging and animal welfare.

  6. John Gamble says:

    Hi JP, progress is clearly better than thought several weeks ago. Roll on early Sept. You've left me pondering how my kids are going to find 50 to attend my funeral 😂, cheers

  7. James says:

    Nice update , hoping to come over on rhe 15th if all is well. If we come over are we allowed in pools in hotels ? Also do you know if the aqua park is open .

  8. Chritine Buckley says:

    Thanks J P.. for your updates it’s nice to know what’s going on we will be arriving on the 16th August for 2 weeks we have been coming to fuerteventura twice a year for the last 10yrs ./ P.S. like your little grumbles you make laugh keep up your good videos

  9. Expat in Mazarron says:

    Thumbs up ere' John, for the update – seems there is odd pockets around Spain at the moment, hopefully this will not cause too much problems. Good to see things are getting back to some sort of normal. Good to see your still enjoying life. Many thanks for sharing and stay safe 🙂

  10. Ton Beerendonk says:

    Hello there JP,
    I subscribed to your channel since way back when you had approximately two or three hundred subscribers and I enjoy watching your video's and I am also very pleased with your current publishing frequency.
    You mentioned drowning animals in your swimming pool at some point before. It is very obvious that you are kind to animals and maybe you could place a ramp or attach something that floats to the side of your pool to prevent animals from drowning.
    Kind regards,
    June 27 2020, Amsterdam,

  11. Evangelia Mintzai says:

    I saw the people hanging outside the public service and it reminded me of Greece. So inefficient, you wait for 2+hours (1hour, you were lucky) and then they tell you that you don't have all the documents or things changed bla bla bla. And there goes your day off you took from work. Dave says that maybe it's faster to send you your driving license from here, in the Netherlands 😂.

  12. canaries1 litten says:

    Hi JP enjoyed the vid but had to skip the hedgehog bit as the other half has a phobia about them,about the difference between the wedding and the funeral is that there's one less drunk at a funeral!! You knew that was coming.We hope to return for xmas again this year covid and flights allowing so looking forward to that,keep safe and hope to be over soon,Jon and Donna from sunny Poole .

  13. Frank Leaney says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with what’s happening over there John though your last video of Cotillo has us frustrated at having to wait until Dec for our 3 month winter break take care and keep the videos coming

  14. Carlos Loff says:

    You can try at night to see if the hedgehog parents come to pick it up, leaving the cage open in the garden, sometimes is normal for them to be exploring and their parents are around to teach them how to forage, except when humans show up and therefore it looks like he was abandoned, but nopes… Good luck, Im pretty sure you have more experience than many of us, coming from a country where Hedgehogs even have dedicated NGOs, cheers…

  15. Kenny Blincow says:

    Top marks for saving distressed animals JP. In respect of bureaucracy, Spanish bureaucracy = British bureaucracy methinks! I see another comment on here about the world going mad and I couldn’t agree more. I suspect that you’re better off on your island sanctuary.

  16. Imo and Izzy Vlogs says:

    Could you still hire an automatic in the UK? Oh, I think I'm getting confused with a Robin Reliant. Showing my age. You could drive those with a motorcycle licence, I think.

  17. Alistair Clyne says:

    Yet another great update John. There's nothing wrong with a name like Spike … one of the greatest comedians went by that name too! 😉 …. I fear for Fuerte when the tourists come back … just keep an eye on the UK websites to see how Brits are cramming into beaches and parks as the restrictions are eased. They're all f*****g mad and are going to set off a 2nd wave … and you don't want that to include Fuerte when they get to travel on these so called 'safe corridors'. If you think I'm being too pessimistic, have a look at this …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrEd2t93ah4

  18. Chris Holt says:

    Some years ago, an old man said to me.
    The world will go mad, just watch and wait. I’m watching and waiting, it’s happening now I think.
    Take care, regards, Chris.

  19. MrCorfuz says:

    We had 10 people at Dads funeral back in April as it was a burial and not indoors. Graveside service only. No wake. Back home in under an hour. He died on a covid ward of our local hospital aged 87. Although he was admitted with classic symptoms of covid19, he was assessed as end of life and was clearly dying, he was not tested for the virus because tests were in demand to save lives at that time. Cause of death was put down to pneumonia and frailty. We will never know for sure.

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