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    Priscille Froidevaux says:

    Quand vous diffusez une publicité en France (et certainement partout dans le monde) montrant une femme qui utilise un smartphone dans son bain pour réserver un hôtel dans lequel son chien est accepté, avez-vous conscience que vous êtes des dangers publics, s'il vous plaît, messieurs et mesdames les "décideurs" ?

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    Boxy 666 says:

    take 30 trillion from poland 30 trillion from the czech republic , 30 trillion from Italy and another 30 trillion from germany and put it directly to expedia

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    SPOTLITE TRANS 7 says:

    Good afternoon,

    We from the Spotlite Trans 7 team requested permission to display videos from the Youtube channel. Expedia.
    The video will be displayed on one of the Spotlite Trans 7 display segments, for the benefit we will include the name of your account / channel in our impressions.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    Best regards,
    Spotlite Team

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    Boxy 666 says:

    faith ooh faith , of course I did not forget.from todays day make expedia the strongest most successful the best the most lovely a tourist agency in the world /

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