Driving in Iceland: One lane bridges, gorgeous sights, death defying switchbacks

Hey there fellow travelers, today we are looking at the best and worst parts of driving around Iceland. Whether you are a road trip master or it is your first time …

48 thoughts on “Driving in Iceland: One lane bridges, gorgeous sights, death defying switchbacks

  1. AAron says:

    Are you retired? I'm curious how do you make your income to travel so consistently… Or was it your full-time job?

  2. Fenrir says:

    Most pumps also offer the option to fill up and charge for the amount pumped. Saves the hassle of mental calculation of ,, Do i take 5,000 or 10,000isk and hope it puts enough to last''
    ps… The bridge in the back round for most of the time is bugging me,,, i know that bridge, but i cant place it.

  3. Cowgirl7 says:

    Iceland is suuuuuuuuuper easy to drive. Overall; this is an amazing place to visit. Super chill and beautiful scenery. Make sure you stop at REYKJAVIK FISH Company at Geirsgata. Also do eat at Kaffi Krús for delicious burgers and pizza. I will be going back to Iceland this August. Keeping my fingers crossed COVID is 'otta my way 👍

  4. Macdaddyrick123 says:

    Iceland is the most beautiful country I've ever been to. Mountains, Iceburgs, Glaciers, Volcanoes, Waterfalls, Natural Steam Vents, Fjords, Countryside, Very nice people.

  5. Off The Beaten Path Adventures and Travel says:

    I'm so excited you did a video on Iceland. It's my favorite country, and your videos on Iceland helped me discover your channel. I even did a marketing paper on Iceland.

    The one way tunnels freaked my wife and me out. Silfra was gorgeous. Don't watch Black Mirror if you plan on biking in Iceland.

  6. Aaron Clift says:

    I’ll be honest – watching “Sense8” and the “Crocodile” episode of “Black Mirror” made me not want to go driving in Iceland.

  7. Claire Marie H. says:

    Driving through Iceland felt like being on a movie set. I usually don’t care for driving when on vacation, but this was well worth the cost and effort. (We did get a vehicle with automatic transmission.)

    My friend convinced me to pull off to pet a horse — but FYI, my understading is locals don’t like it, or at least not feeding them. Icelandic horses are gorgeous though.

  8. voix says:

    Make sure you turn headlights on low beams driving at night when a car is passing by to not blind the other person. I was in Iceland a year ago, I enjoyed the adventure. 🙂

  9. Tracey Marshall says:

    I was there the 1st weekend in august which is a bank holiday in ireland. Apparently there was some rock music festival in iceland so we did find lots of traffic out of Reykjavik going to the festival

  10. TLC says:

    I drove up in the mountains and crossed the country with most traffic fatalities in EU (Romania). Iceland is not particularly dangerous for me. I drove in winter time too and felt safe. The roads are overall safe.
    All that said, amazing island. Highly recommended

  11. DeadFlowers702 says:

    My winter Iceland ring road experience. Tour guide was excellent and people are very friendly. Weather was miserable. Iceland in winter is either white (snow and ice) or black (basalt). Severe winter storm lasting most of week. Winds of 60 mph gusting to well over that. Driving in whiteout conditions at 10kph praying that were we staying between yellow markers. Frequent stops (about 10 meters) to assess road and de-ice windshield wipers. Roads were closed down within 12 hours after we had driven them. Many sights closed due to ice buildup. It's a stunningly beautiful country, for a day or two but not a week in winter.

  12. D Last says:

    Iceland is our favourite place, we got engaged at the Iceberg lagoon during a trip that we used your videos to help plan. Agree with everything in the video – very useful. I remember you mentioned in a previous video about a specific steep mountain road in the east Fjords – we went up the same one and it was a terrifying drive. As you said the scenery is beautiful which makes up for the scary roads , it was the first trip I brought a decent camera to take videos to upload onto YouTube and nowhere’s scenery has beat it yet!

  13. Arnar Sigurðsson says:

    Icelander here! Really accurate about driving in Iceland. It's really good to remember that Iceland has one of the most unpredictable weathers in the world. For example mosquito can live in Greenland, but not in Iceland. Also VERY IMPORTANT thing if you are driving in the winter, make sure that you are using NAIL TIRES, especially if you are driving outside of the capital region. There has also been a big problem with tourists that they park on the side of the road. It's very dangerous and some deadly accidents have happen. If you are going to park the car, park somewhere safe!

  14. Rob Davies says:

    I hired a car in Iceland in 2019 and I found a few things to point out. Hire car companies in Iceland generally only accept credit card payments. Some people (in the UK anyway) use Debit cards instead and they aren’t accepted, but I found one company that does is called Lotus, and it requires you to purchase the platinum insurance package in order to use a debit card. Also, their speed cameras are quite well hidden (there’s one just after you pass the entrance of the blue lagoon) – as there’s a lot of open roads, people do tend to go a bit fast. Also, some hire companies will fine you if they find out you’ve been off road in a non-4×4 car and it will void your insurance. Some roads also close in winter months, especially in the highlands.

  15. Ionatan Simón says:

    When I was there, Driving turns into scary thing to do, Wind was so wild (100mph) that I saw a campervan flips upside down in front of my van, I was driving from left to right with low control…I gotta Stop near the Abandon Plane and I was rescue and spend a night in Vik i mirdal school gym……next days was also dangerous, 200miles turned into 7h of scary driving…..but when the wind calms, there are the best roads I ve ever driven in

  16. Stephen Woods says:

    But…isn’t the whole idea about going to another land is to experience something DIFFERENT? Seeing and being somewhere different. Seeing how the locals live? I saw a joke recently about how Americans were angry as tourists because they couldn’t get enough on their trip of what they can see back home! Haha. Love it.

  17. Gui Tejada says:

    Words from locals is that if you're not used to driving in "real" winter (like if you come from a tropical country), do not mind driving in the winter there, as the lack of experience can put you in danger. The black ice + strong winds are scary for us!

  18. Defiance says:

    On the topic of stocking up on snacks: Make sure the yogurt you buy is actually yogurt and not cottage cheese..I speak from experience!

  19. Joe Ganzel says:

    We know how to drive stick shift in America. Not sure what generation you are talking to but some of us learned how to drive on a stick shift. Other than that love your videos

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